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Skills development for health and beauty industries, according to 5m Partner

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Health and beauty manufacturers and suppliers, 5m Partner, a Datadock referenced and Qualiopi certified (RNQ) training organization, offers customized training perfectly suiting your expectations and business standards, for the development of your quality skills.

5m Partner actions and training modules are customized and can be carried out face-to-face or remotely.

Our training offers

Health and beauty manufacturers, entrust us with the design of your quality training modules or the realization of your face-to-face or remote training sessions in the following areas:

  • Medicines,
  • Pharmaceutical raw materials (API/active substances, excipients, intermediates…),
  • OTC,
  • Cosmetics,
  • Medical devices,
  • Food supplements,

But also with your suppliers and service providers (storage, transport, cleaning, etc.

According to your quality standards

Our quality audits are carried out according to the standards applicable to your products:

  • European GMP and US GMP,
  • GDP,
  • IPEC guidelines,
  • Excipients guideline,
  • 21 CFR 210, 211, 820, part 4…
  • ISO 13485,
  • ISO 22000,
  • ISO 22716,
  • ISO 15378,
  • Synadiet quality charter…

5m Partner, customized quality training services to meet your needs

5m Partner de développement des compétences sont construites sur-mesure par nos formateurs experts. Selon vos besoins, nous pouvons prendre en charge la réalisation de tout ou partie de vos processus de développement des compétences :

Skills development services are customized

Our skills development services are customized by our expert trainers.

Depending on what you need, we can take care of all or part of your skills development processes:

  • The design of a module and related educational tools, based on:
    • Your own practices,
    • Your corporate culture,
    • Your Quality Management System and
    • Your applicable quality and business standards,
  • The revision and pedagogical optimization of one of your existing training modules (improvement, increase in impact, interactivity, etc.),
  • Handover and help with getting started,
  • The realization of face-to-face, remote or mixed format entertainment,
  • The reinforcement of your teams of internal trainers with animation of your existing training modules,
  • The evaluation of results until accreditation and monitoring of effectiveness over time.
Our technical and regulatory expertise

The expertise of our consultants and senior trainers guarantees:

  • Knowledge of your business, your products and your processes
  • Understanding of your quality standards and their application,
  • A renewal of the shape of your modules for more interactivity,
  • A tried and tested interactive training methodology:
    • Involvement and active participation of all participants,
    • Spontaneous discussions,
    • An anchored memorization thanks to the smile,
    • Insight into daily quality actions,
  • Participants actively involved in their training process and their educational path,
  • And therefore the effectiveness of your quality training.
Our "à la carte" training actions

Our training modules are specifically built for you in order to perfectly fit your educational objectives and the target audience.

They can therefore be:

  • Theoretical or practical,
  • Intended for all hierarchical levels and all sectors of activity (in specific or mixed groups),
  • Organized for your teams or shared with participants from different sites of your company or your group,
  • Flexible in duration depending on the availability of participants and your operating requirements.

Our à la carte training actions also cover:

Design / Animation

Design / Animation

Design of turnkey training modules, with animation guide and support for your internal trainers for a quick and efficient start.
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Rubis and educational games

Rubis and educational games

Gamification of your quality training by providing fun and interactive educational tools: simulations, role-playing games, educational games such as Rubis, the Useful Revision game of BPF in Interactive and Sympathetic form.
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E-Learning / Self-training

E-Learning / Self-training

Digitization of your quality training for fully customizable online training: E-Learning (SCORM standards) / self-training with MyPower modules developed in PowerPoint.
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Pooling, sharing of practices and experiences and analysis of trends on regulatory requirements and their concrete application via our annual program of internal or inter-company benchmarks:
"But, how are the others doing it? ".
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Communication tools

Communication tools

Development of quality communication tools, information supports (welcome booklets, posters, avatars / mascots, quality guides: BPF Mode d’emploi®, BPDG Mode d’emploi®, flyers, etc.).
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Our CPD programs, Continuing Professional Development

5m Partner is authorized to provide CPD (Continuing Professional Cevelopment ) programs to meet your obligation to maintain and update the skills of pharmacists .

CPD organization (OPDC), our CPD « à la carte » continuing education (FC) actions are :

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